Il n'ya de richesses que d'hommes

Relationship to religion

From Christian faith since she was 8 months by her baptism at St Esprit church of Brazzaville (Congo), Lydie-Stella Koutika is a practising catholic. She made her first communion when she was 10 years, the confirmation the following year and the faith profession when she was 12 years.

Apart from her devoutness for Mary which she gets since her very young age, she has devoutness for Saint Joseph, the foster father of Jesus Christ, Saint Michael, Infant Jesus and the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.

Together with the members of brother ship ‘ Enfants de Marie et Joseph au pied de la Croix Glorieuse’ ,she prays mainly for the unification and ‘sanctification’ of church members, the delivery of soul from purgatory, the conversion of sinners, the relief and recovery of cancer and HIV ill persons and the peace in the world.

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